Dissertation competition music

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Dissertation competition music

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Although a great amount of research exists that examines music in sport, little research has been found that examines this phenomenon from an existential phenomenological perspective.

The participants were 7 four males and three females NCAA Division I collegiate athletes from a southeastern university. Utilizing a phenomenological approach to analyze the data, the current research examined the experience of music in sport.

The results suggest athletes utilize music for arousal regulation, concentration, mood enhancement, and team cohesion. Research shows that music can affect arousal regulation Lukas, n.

For instance, Wales supported the relationship between music and affect, finding that music that was upbeat in tempo Dissertation competition music stimulating enhanced exercise performance by lowering anger, depression, and fatigue significantly.

Dissertation competition music

In addition, previous research has shown that the tempo of music can have an affect on movement. Consequently, if athletes listen to a fast tempo song they may be more likely to increase movements to a faster pace, which could possibly enhance performance i.

Likewise, for an athlete who needs slower or more graceful movements i. Athletes apply the force of rhythm and tempo to many aspects of their athletic experiences. Researchers have revealed that when exercising and listening to music, the perceived exertion rate is lowered because attention is diverted to the music.

Johnson and Siegel found that fatigue was reduced significantly while participants listened to music. Boutcher and Trenske also found that participants who listened to music during a moderate workout had a reduced perceived exertion rate during exercise.

Therefore, if music can affect our mood states and our perceived exertion rates, music may also affect our arousal rate. For example, researchers have shown that music can reduce anxiety in pre and post surgery patients. Before a person goes into surgery listening to relaxing music can help reduce anxiety about the surgery.

Dissertation competition music

Generally, sport psychologists advise athletes to utilize music in order to prepare for competition. Gfeller suggests that music will influence arousal if it promotes thoughts that encourage physical activity or relaxation. In other words, the association between certain types of music and physical activity may act as a stimulus.

If athletes need to increase their arousal level before a game they may listen to music that encourages them to go out and compete at an intense level.

Ph.D. Dissertation. McGill University, School of Music , Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Abstract: This dissertation presents the history of space in the musical thought of the 20th-century (from Kurth to Clifton, from Varese to Xenakis) and outlines the development of spatialization in the theory and practice of contemporary music (after ). Topics question essay writing competition Make changes essay pluralsight My dissertation plan vue music essay topic natural disaster my gift essay yangon myanmar essay about being vegetarian environmentally friendly? me my environment essay free. ABOUT THE COMPETITION The Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition celebrates the exciting research conducted by doctoral students around the world. Developed by the University of Queensland in

If athletes need to lower their arousal level before a game they may listen to a song that would allow them to relax and calm down. The framework for phenomenology is provided by the humanistic model. The humanistic theoretical model is concerned with understanding the perspective of the lived experience of an individual within their environment and social contexts.

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This model requires the researcher to understand and examine the person from a holistic perspective Hill, The human and the world in which it lives cannot be examined separately if we wish to obtain the entire experience.

A phenomenological methodology can be used in order to achieve this holistic view and examination of a lived experience. The phenomenological approach is concerned with gathering a thick and rich description of information either through interviews, discussions, or observations, and representing it from the perspective of the participant Patton, Purpose of the Study What is lacking in the current sport psychology literature is an examination of elite athletes "lived" experiences of music in sport.

This goal was accomplished in two ways: Triangulation was achieved in the present study by incorporating a journal for continuous note taking, a pilot study, bias exploration, and the primary interviews.

Table 1 provides a brief description of the participants. Five of the participants were of Caucasian descent, while two of the participants were of African American descent.

The participants participated in the following sports: The soccer participants were on teams that made it to the final four NCAA semifinals within the past year.

A purposeful sample was used in this investigation as the participants were able to provide the researcher with a rich and thick description of the experience of music in sport Patton, All of the participants experienced music in sport within their recent collegiate athletic career and listened to music at least once a day:The athletes utilized music in a way that would suggest music enables them to achieve an enhanced focus and concentration before competition.

Karageorghis and Terry () suggest that by listening to music during aerobic activity, an individual's focus is narrowed and is on the music instead of the actual output.

Doctoral Dissertations in Musicology Online lists completed dissertations and new dissertation topics. WorldCat is an excellent tool for locating dissertations for most colleges and universities in the United States and . Oct 02,  · This presentation was the among the top 3 in 3MT UGA.

Dissertation will be shortlisted and considered for awards in three separate categories: Ancient/medieval/early modern period; the long 19th century; and 20th r-bridal.comology homework help Dissertation Competition Music thesis typesetting service personal statement editing servicesWith support from the National Science Foundation (NSF), the.

The Graduate recognized a total of 4 winners at the Three Minute Thesis (3MT ®) Competition earlier this month after a myriad of outstanding performances by doctoral students ranging from business to music and r-bridal.com: UM Grad News.

The competition is open to all doctoral candidates whose degrees were/will be conferred between September 1, and August 31, Each entry should include one copy of the dissertation in digital (PDF) format and letters of nomination from the dissertation committee chair and the department head of the degree-granting institution.

The dissertation is on competition between