How can i write articles for yahoo

I make comments on the Yahoo news pages and post them but they do not reach the comments pages.

How can i write articles for yahoo

How do I use Yahoo! In order to send and receive email using Yahoo! Log into your Yahoo! Click "Options" in the upper-right hand corner of the page and select "Mail Options" 3.

In the middle area of the page, click "Add or edit an account" 4. When the "Mail Accounts" page opens, click "Add" 5. In the box, enter an account name for your reference and click "Continue" 6.

how can i write articles for yahoo

You'll then see two boxes. In the first box put the name you'd like others to see 7. In the second box, type the email address you'd like to send from and click "Continue" 8. Enter in the POP server: If you do not know what server number you should use, please contact us.

Type your user name, your full email address in all lower case ie: Click "Setup Mail Server" On the page that opens, check to make sure that you have entered in the correct email address.

If it looks fine, click "Send Verification" to generate the verification email The "Verify Account" page will then open. Follow these steps to complete the setup and start sending from your other email address: Leave the "Verify Account" page open 2.

In a different browser window or application, sign into your other email account 3. Look for an email from Yahoo! Member Services, and open it 4. Copy the "Confirmation code" in the last line of the email.

There are 4 ways that you can Write For Us.

Get back on the "Verify Account" page and Paste that confirmation code in the box beside "Confirmation code" 6. At the bottom of the page, click "Verify Account" 7. A sign in page will open with your ID already filled in.After Yahoo Academy I submitted a few articles and even a couple of upfront paying articles.

I am beginning the enjoy it and have found the more I write and continue learning the more articles I get published. Oct 29,  · Yahoo also pays $ per thousand page views on Yahoo Voices (where most of your content will be published), $ for articles published on their Yahoo!

News site.

how can i write articles for yahoo

The pay-per-view rate increases as you become more . Yahoo Mail is a free, Web-based email service from Yahoo.

You can use Yahoo Mail to send and receive emails, store email addresses and integrate with other mail services.

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You can configure Yahoo Mail to personalize its many functions. The good news is that you can design and build an email that will look excellent in every mail app, including those that don't support media queries. You can do this by using a fluid layout. You can do this by using a fluid layout.

You’ve definitely given me some ideas for articles I can write on my blog. As for the suggestion that even “good writers” suffer from writers block, I’m not so sure about that.

I think writer’s block is a complex beast, but the biggest culprits are fear, lack of confidence and fueling your body (and brain) with junk (junk food, junk.

This can extend to ideas as well as written words. For example, if the rationale for a study was suggested in the Discussion section of someone else’s article, that person should be given credit.”.

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