Sumerians outline

INTRODUCTION This study provides an overview of the principal theories about the origins and early history of the Hungarians, with the objective of determining a scientifically acceptable alternative orientation in a field which has been dominated for the past years by political and ideological interests.

Sumerians outline

Chicago, USA, concerning the identification and transliteration of the inscriptive material. They lived in a southern part of India called Tamil Nadu, circa BC, then migrated mainly into the northeastern areas of Sri Lanka, which became the permanent homeland of the Sri Lankan Tamils around the second century BC.

Tamil inscriptions in Vatteluttu script in stone during Chola period c. The Sumerians not only created a system of language and writing but also excelled in astronomy, mathematics, and architecture.

Indeed, it is currently believed that the ancient Sumerians had developed an expertise in medical matters by at least BC. Some students claim Sumerians came from India and were actually of Caucasian origin. Pokotia and Tiahuanaco monoliths. Courtesy of Dr Clyde Winters.

Sumerians outline

Winters has freely given permission to quote from his spontaneous report posted to the author almost immediately upon publication of " Astonishing Human Heads: Shortly after publication I discovered another amazing rock-cut legend.

I immediately sent the satellite photograph to Dr Winters for his expert opinion. The original satellite photograph of the rock carved legend in Tamil with an outline sketch of the legend for clarity.

The huge, six-meter by three-meter feet by feet slab of rock was discovered face-upwards amongst debris from a cliff-face that had collapsed on to the beach.

The Australian shoreline Google Earth The main picture, Plate 1 aboveshows the beautiful Australian cove less than meters approx. Set high up on a cliff-face, the huge legend would be clearly visible during the day to coastal seafarers seeking a safe anchorage.

One might perhaps conjecture that in ancient times the cove was a waystation, able to supply freshwater and replenish food supplies on a regular basis to passing voyagers. Here entitled Plate 5. Dr Winters was of the opinion: It would appear that these heads are leaders from various Sumerian centers that formerly existed on Antarctica.The history of Mesopotamia ranges from the earliest human occupation in the Lower Sumaya period up to the Late antiquity.

This history is pieced together from evidence retrieved from archaeological excavations and, after the introduction of writing in the late 4th millennium BC, an increasing amount of historical sources. The Akkadian Empire ruled over the majority of Mesopotamia, including Sumer, until a people known as the Gutians invaded from the north (the area of modern-day Iran) and destroyed the major cities.

Sumer (/ ˈ s uː m ər /) is the earliest known civilization in the historical region of southern Mesopotamia, modern-day southern Iraq, during the Chalcolithic and Early Bronze ages, and arguably one of the first civilizations in the world along with Ancient Egypt and the Indus Valley.

Living along the valleys of the Tigris and Euphrates, Sumerian farmers . Sixth graders write an essay, compare lives, and read myths to learn about the Sumerians. In this world cultures lesson plan, 6th graders discuss their problem solving skills as farmers and their religious beliefs.

Sumerians Outline Essay. I - Sumerians Outline Essay introduction. History A. Location 1.

Sumerians outline

An ancient region in southern Mesopotamia (now southeastern Iraq), was the birthplace of the world’s first civilization. 2. Scholars do not know where these people orginially came from.

3. The architecture of Mesopotamia is ancient architecture of the region of the Tigris–Euphrates river system (also known as Mesopotamia), encompassing several distinct cultures and spanning a period from the 10th millennium BC, when the first permanent structures were built, to the 6th century the Mesopotamian .

Sumer: The original Black civilization of Iraq