The book of sand by jorge luis borges

Plot summary[ edit ] An unnamed narrator is visited by a tall Scots Bible-seller, who presents him with a very old cloth-bound book that he bought in India from an Untouchable. The book is emblazoned with the title "Holy Writ," below which title is emblazoned "Bombay," [1] but is said to be called "The Book of Sand" He trades a month of his pension and a prized "Wiclif Bible" [1] for the "Book of Sand" and hides it on a bookshelf behind his copy of One Thousand and One Nights.

The book of sand by jorge luis borges

And very special thanks to Kate Miller-Heidke. Inspired by the allusions to infinity and the use of mazes and mirrors in the fantastical stories of Jorge Luis Borges, Van der Aa puts you in a space where all places in the world exist simultaneously.

A young woman played by the Australian singer-songwriter Kate Miller-Heidke collects up sand which is being moved between the film layers by a mysterious machine. Three parallel film layers reveal alternative points of view and introduce new elements to the story, which allows you to choose a new route through the narrative at any point.

The other stories all deal in similar Borgesian visions of the infinite — a point that contains all other points in the universe, an object that holds the attention so much that it becomes all of reality itself, a library of all possible books, the Minotaur in an infinite labyrinth.

Borges is often described as having foretold the Internet, and Van der Aa uses online technology to explore his ideas in ways the writer could not have foreseen, incorporating three audiovisual layers of film and music, which the user can jump between as they wish.

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Each layer is based around the same vocal line, but the accompaniment and the film are different for each, meaning that users can create their own paths. Each layer of film shows a different perspective on the story, introducing different alter egos of the central female protagonist.

This project is part of Sydney Festival Explore the full program at sydneyfestival.This web site contains, in eight randomly numbered pages, the text of Jorge Luis Borges' story The Book of Sand(as translated by Norman Thomas di Giovanni), with pictures and animations based on old engravings and photographs.

It is, I hope, an intriguing presentation of one . Trying to full describe the writings of Jorge Luis Borges is like trying to explain exactly why Leonardo da Vinci's art still captivates.

The man wrote works of art. And "The Book of Sand and Shakespeare's Memory" brings together two of Borges' shorter collections, with all sorts of surreal twists in a seemingly ordinary world.

The book of sand by jorge luis borges

"The Book of Sand" (Spanish: El libro de arena) is a short story by Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. It has parallels to the same author's story "The Zahir" (revised ), continuing the theme of self-reference and attempting to .

Jan 01,  · This is one of Borges' last books, and many of the pieces here are less than his best. "The Congress," however, is a tale of the microcosm as powerful and effective as "The Aleph," and "The Book of Sand" is also one of Borge's finest stories/5.

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"The Book of Sand and Shakespeare's Memory" is a brilliant collection of Borges' exquisite stories. Magical and gritty, beautiful and haunting -- and sadly, the last work he did. Read moreReviews: The Book of Sand By Jorge Luis Borges Analysis of Language and Style Analysis of Characters There are two characters in "The Book of Sand": the narrator and the man that sells him the book.

The narrator is very comparable to the author, Jorge Luis Borges. He enjoys books and has a very large collection in his home, including "several English.

The book of sand by jorge luis borges
The Book of Sand