The quest for the perfect man in their eyes were watching god

Their eyes were watching god essay: The truth is that people who are asked to make a literary analysis, critique or narrative are people that have reached a certain level of education. If you cannot write a book, you will not be asked to analyze or critique a book.

The quest for the perfect man in their eyes were watching god

Her interactions with the rest of the characters allow you to see the changes she under goes as her story unravels. The three main relationships you see this are with Nanny, Jody, and Teacake. Each one molds Janie in some way and has a lasting influence on the rest of her life.

The quest for the perfect man in their eyes were watching god

Beginning with Nanny, who raises Janie due to the absence of her mother, Janie is only a submissive 16 year old girl. She has not experience much too any hardship at this point and lazily day dream of love under the close string, staring at the pear tree in the back yard.

She calls him to wait, as she runs through the grass towards him. At this time Nanny comes around the house and spots Janie kissing the boy. Throughout their history women have been put in a situation of absolute powerlessness. He hands it to his women folks. The nigger woman is the mule of the world so far as I can see ….

This molds Janie in the beginning to think just as Nanny does, conservatively. He is a wealthy and powerful, the perfect type of man Nanny would want Janie to be with.

And sense Janie has a similar mentality as her grandmother do to how she was treated and force into marriage, she marries him. Unfortunately Jody is also in secured, controlling, and oppressive. For instance when Janie would sweep up in the shop, she would be forced to tie her hair back. This is Jody attempting to mask her feminine power and sexuality, because her hair is the symbol of those along with her unnatural beauty.

She becomes more defeated and depress with each passing day. This earns her a back hand from Jody for emasculating him in public.

But more importantly shows Janie begin to change her mentality from conservative back to a more liberal stance where she begins to want to be free even if it takes some time to realize it herself.

Finally the biggest change with Janie is after she meets her third husband Teacake, a younger man who swipes her off her feet. This is important to her because it shows that he sees her as an equal. This spurs on the transformation that begun that day in the shop with Jody.

She now sees her opportunity for fulfilling her original dream of true love. Not to mention the story of another older lady being taken advantage of by a younger man. And there were moments where she was sure he robbed her blind and ran off, but she sticks with him and allows herself to finish growing.

With Teacakes wild attitude and treating Janie as an equal, her spirit is finally able to blossom like the pear tree in the beginning of the story. She also curses her grandmother for making her waste most of her life living safely when all she wanted was to be free.The most important passage in this entire novel that is relevant to language and the way in which men and women communicate, actually occurs in the first two paragraphs of the novel.

Get an answer for 'In Their Eyes Were Watching God, how do the novel's first two paragraphs point towards differences in the language used by men and women?' and find homework help for other Their.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Author: Zora Neale Hurston Published: Table of Contents • So What? • she witnesses a scene in nature that symbolizes the perfect union of two entities in nature- in this instance, the bees and the flowers.

So de white man thrown down de load and tell de nigger man tuh pick it up. He pick it up.

The quest for the perfect man in their eyes were watching god

LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Their Eyes Were Watching God, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Their Eyes Were Watching God focuses its plot both on Janie 's series of romantic relationships as well as on Janie's individual quest .

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BACKGROUND OF CHOOSING TOPIC Their Eyes Were Watching God, a work by Zora Neale Hurston, who an African – American writer.

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