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These are external links and will open in a new window Close share panel Image copyright Getty Images UK manufacturing output is expanding at its fastest rate since early after recording a seventh consecutive month of growth in November. Renewable energy projects, boats, aeroplanes and cars for export helped make output 3. Official figures also show industrial output rose by 0. For the month of November, total production was estimated to have increased by 0.

Uk manufacturing

If current growth trends continue, the UK will break into the top five by Gala Dinner and Awards Ceremony — 15 November, Liverpool Although the contribution of manufacturing to GDP has declined on paper, many of the services provided to manufacturers which would have once been considered part of manufacturing — such as catering; cleaning; building services, security and so on — are now allocated into different areas of the economy.

Uk manufacturing

UK Balance of Trade: You can download the full report here. The core benefit of digital technology is the ability it offers manufacturers to monitor, and act upon, data flowing from connected machines, people and processes. Sensors pour data into locally and increasingly cloud-based computers where the data is crunched almost instantly to provide a moving, real-time picture of production.

This allows decision-makers, either humans or machines, to see weaknesses in the system before they become problems, or tweak systems to achieve greater efficiency.

There appears to be a distinct lack of confidence in the Uk manufacturing, suggesting that even if manufacturers do have the cash for investment, they remain reluctant to spend it on technologies and plant that will improve profitability and productivity. Sentiment in business is everything, and the prevailing sentiment here is very clearly one of uncertainty.

And that brings us to Brexit, the uninvited guest who muscles in on every discussion about business these days. No amount of stirring words form politicians will alter perceptions of what Brexit has in store.

Policy that demonstrates government has a plan is needed. For many companies, this is becoming an existential issue.

UK Additive Manufacturing National Strategy published - 3D Printing Industry

We can revel in the opportunities that advanced digital technology offers, but if the education system is not producing young people who can staff this digital future, it is little wonder why this is such a pressing issue. More encouragingly, respondents — by a margin of — believe that apprenticeships are finally gaining respect as an alternative to university.

Their resurgence goes some way to reversing the downward trend of the past 30 years, but the overwhelmingly positive view manufacturers have of them is countered by the fact that many companies, particularly smaller ones, are finding it extremely difficult to make the system work for them.

And yet, there is clearly a degree of reserve in the answers. There does not exist, as far as we can tell, a totally ringing endorsement for digital technologies.

Perhaps suggesting that while the case for adoption is known, there is still a lag in pulling the trigger on investing in them. Just as software companies saw the benefits presented by software-as-a-service SaaS some time ago, manufacturers are increasingly aware of how technology can unlock some of the long-term value embedded in their products through service offerings, performance monitoring and upgrades.

In fact, in our conversations with manufacturers over the past 18 months, we have found them to be generally sanguine about it. And that is reflected in our survey. We were as even-handed as possible, asking whether respondents believed Brexit would boost UK manufacturer or cause chaos.

They splita surprisingly balanced response that is not hugely dissimilar from the Brexit vote itself. However, manufacturers believe the road to Brexit will be politically difficult and will likely push the Industrial Strategy either down the agenda or off it completely.

By all accounts, this is easier said than done. That is a disconcerting figure and goes some way to explaining some of the sluggishness in growth the UK is experiencing.We’ve stated a few times on this website that UK manufacturing is alive and well, despite what certain media outlets will tell you.

In fact, you would scarcely believe how much revenue some manufacturing companies based in this country are making! The latest Tweets from UK Manufacturing (@UKmfg). Auto-retweeting the #UKmfg hashtag, plus tweeting anything else that is sort of relevant to UK manufacturing.

Run by @DrLucyRogers. UK manufacturers suffered a further setback in November last year, with weak global demand and a strong exchange rate hitting industrial production, cancelling out improvements earlier in the.

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This graph shows the production volumes of the six (seven in ) main engine manufacturers in the UK between and Both of Ford's factories play an important role in British industry as. OSI Electronics UK is the £20m and growing UK part of California based OSI Systems, formed when it united the highly experienced CEMS companies Briton EMS and Union Four Electronics of .

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